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We enable businesses of various sizes – small, medium or large to digitize, automate and simplify their commercial process to enhance efficiency, reduce cost and increase profitability. Whether you are a startup or an existing business, we welcome you onboard to experience the world of limitless possibilities.

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Why Daspro

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Delight Your Customers

Simplified and efficient sales process that creates loyal and happy customers. Our primary objective at Daspro is to ensure that you make more money by delighting your customers because we only make money when you do.

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Keep Your Business Running 24/7

Your business does not have to go to sleep when you are sleeping. Extend your reach and keep your business running 24 hours daily with Daspro.

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Sell Online Without a Website

With Daspro, your business is no longer limited by physical location. We will work with you irrespective of your size, whether you are a startup or an established business, to digitize your sales process, sell online even without a website.

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Easy Access to your sales Data

Daspro enables you to customize and easily access your sales data for reporting, analysis and decision making

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Free Payment Gateway Integration

We are in partnership with world-class payment processing companies. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about payment gateway integration cost for your digital channels. It comes absolutely free with our package.

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Easy Implementation Procedure

Daspro is plug and play. It is a web app, you don’t need to install anything in your IT environment unless you want to implement automatic posting of transactions. All you need is to create your free account on the portal.

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Our Solutions

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Electronic Invoicing

You will never have to worry about all the associated cost of issuing and managing paper invoice again. Easily generate and send onetime or recurring invoice to your customers to initiate and consummate sales contract renewal or new sales contract.

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Instant Electronic Receipt

Why waste money printing paper receipts and man-hours issuing and managing them? Daspro automatically generate your branded electronic receipts and send it to your customer’s email upon completion of payment.

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Multiple branch functionality

We support multiple branch model which enables you to effectively track your branch performance. You can track the sales performance of all your branches as frequently as you want

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Discount and Loyalty Management

Sustain a loyal customer base and influence spend behavior through flexible and easy to administer discount and loyalty incentives

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Subscription and Periodic Purchase

Easily manage your subscription services and periodic purchases from your clients with our recurring invoicing feature. Daspro sends auto reminder mail to customers at the intervals of your choice prior to the due date and the invoice on the due date

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Generate regular or recurrent electronic invoice from your profile on Daspro and easily reconcile payment to the invoice or customer or products. Use different bank account for different products or different branch location to aid reconciliation.

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Inventory Management

Running out of inventory can lead to loss of business opportunities and money. Effectively track and manage your inventory with ease. Receive email notification when your inventory gets to reorder level.

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Electronic Pay on Delivery

Daspro enables e-commerce sellers to receive payment electronically from customers who opt to pay-on-delivery without any special hardware. This eliminates collection of cash by sales agent or the delivery officer and all the risks associated with it.

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Multiple Payment Option

Daspro gives your customers multiple options to settle your invoice. ▪ Card ▪ Bank Account ▪ USSD ▪ Mobile Money

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Instant Transaction Notification

Get instant notification upon conclusion of every transaction. In addition to that, we will send notification and your branded electronic receipt on your behalf to your customers for every successful transactions.

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Easily Track Your Invoice

You can easily track and monitor the status of every invoice generated on Daspro. This feature will help in minimizing the risk of delay in collection of your sales proceeds

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Sell on Multiple Channels

Daspro enables you to reach your customers wherever they are. We partner with various sizes of businesses; Big, Medium or Small to grow their business by enabling them to list and sell their products or services on multiple channels

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